Welcome to Needham Bikes

Needham Bikes is an advocacy group that promotes the safe and widespread use of bicycles for transportation and recreation in Needham, Massachusetts. Our vision is to encourage Needham to become a bicycle friendly community by:

  • Creating safe and well marked bike routes through the town, establishing bicycle lanes and signs to raise awareness and increase safety
  • Broadening awareness of bicycles as a safe, enjoyable and healthy alternative to cars
  • Advocating for better bicycle facilities in public facilities
  • Supporting people who want to connect with other bicyclists in Needham
  • Providing resources for those interested in learning about biking in the area

A Rail Trail in Needham

Imagine biking from Needham to Medfield, 7 miles on a shared-use path through beautiful conservation land and over the Charles River. Needham Bikes supports the effort of the Bay Colony Rail Trail to convert those inactive tracks into a rail trail, for use by bicyclists, strollers, joggers, walkers and many other non-motorized travelers.

Family Fun Rides

Needham Bikes hosts regular family fun rides in the spring and fall. Trips of 4 - 8 miles within Needham, to interesting destinations, accessible to most of the family (usually ages 6 and up).

A Bicycling Plan for Needham

Needham Bikes is implementing the bicycling plan with these goals:

  1. To reduce accident risk to cyclists;
  2. To make cycling an attractive means of transportation;
  3. To provide recreational opportunities that will improve quality of life for Needham’s residents;
  4. To promote a healthy, active lifestyle for citizens of all ages;
  5. To improve mobility for children, lessening society’s reliance on teenage driving and parents.

Needham Bikes Public Meeting Monday NIght, April 29

At the Needham Library Community Room, at 7:30. Topics for discussion

Globe Editorial: As cycling gains popularity, an anti-cyclist bias remains

There is an evocative opinion piece in the Globe today, revealing an anti-cycling bias that  may be either conscious or unconscious. And the attitude may actually play out in driving habits, where the safety of cyclists sharing the same road is not sufficiently considered.

The salient point in the article was this:

December Meeting Report; Next Meeting Feb. 7

Thanks to all who participated in the December meeting. Here's looking forward to building momentum around improving safety and accommodations for bicycles in the Town!

We had fourteen attendees at the Library on the evening Dec 11th. Special thanks to Lois Levin and Helen Rittenberg from Newton, who brought excellent insights and suggestions from the work they are doing in the neighboring community.

We discussed four key issues. If you are interested in getting more involved in any of these, please contact me or the person listed as coordinating.

Needham Bikes Bi-Monthly Meeting, December 11

12/11/2012 07:30
12/11/2012 09:00
America/New York

Needham Bikes has held open and public periodically throughout its three year history. We're looking now to get more regular and predictable with these events, to provide a more accessible means for the bicycle advocacy community in Needham to participate in helping make Needham a better place fopr bicycling.

The last public  meeting, on October 3rd, was an opportunity to discuss issues and approaches with cycling in Needham in a general sense. This meeting will have a more specific focus and agenda.

Bicycles, Complete Streets and Rail Trails on the Agenda for Town Meeting Nov. 13

The Needham Special Town Meeting has been moved to November 13th, due to Hurricane Sandy. On the warrant for the town meeting are three articles that relate in some fashion to bicycling in Needham.

Though Needham Bikes does not have a formal position on the first two, all bicyclists certainly have a vested interest in the outcomes.This post goes through the three articles, and the potential impact on bicycling interests in town. The articles include two citizen petitions, each requesting town-sponsored committees.

An Alternative Way Across Rt. 128: A Tunnel?

Needham Bikes has a vision in which more open, clean and safe passage between Needham and Newton will provide access to:

  • Natural resources like Cutler Park and the Charles River
  • A less congested experience when shopping on Needham St.
  • More open commuting routes to Newton and beyond that are safer and more appealing

Over the past couple months, there has been an active discussion among cycling advocates in Needham and Newton, expressing concern over the published designs for the Kendrick St. and Highland Avenue crossings over Rt. 128 as part of the Add-a-Lane project. A description of the concern is summarized in the a recent post here, Advocating for Better Routes Between Needham and Newton!

September Newsletter. Early October Public Meeting!

Greetings Needham Cyclists!

It has been a while since we've sent out a newsletter and, in the meantime, almost a complete summer of bicycling has gone by - here's hoping you've logged many safe and enjoyable biking miles!

To kick off the 2012-13 bicycling year, Needham Bikes is hosting another open public meeting, on Wednesday, October 3rd, at 7:00 in the Community Room at the Needham Library . The purpose of the meeting is to provide an open forum for bicycling enthusiasts of all ages and stripes to share suggestions, ideas and concerns about cycling in Needham and to connect with other bicycle advocates.

Advocating for Better Routes Between Needham and Newton

As you may have heard, the Rt 128 Add-a-Lane project will work its way north n the next couple years, and undertake some major construction on the two primary bridges that connect Needham and Newton: Highland Ave and Kendrick St.

"Bike To the Market Day" This Sunday

The Needham Farmers Market will host a "Bike to Market Day" this Sunday, August 5th.

The first 25 people to arrive at the market by bicycle will receive a $2 coupon to use at the Needham Farmers Market on Sunday.

This coupon will be offered to the first 25 people who bicycle to the Market, and only one coupon per family. Wouldn't it be a great thing to have 25 people show up at the market by bicycle!

To collect your coupon, go to the market manager’s tent.