Welcome to Needham Bikes

Needham Bikes is an advocacy group that promotes the safe and widespread use of bicycles for transportation and recreation in Needham, Massachusetts. Our vision is to encourage Needham to become a bicycle friendly community by:

  • Creating safe and well marked bike routes through the town, establishing bicycle lanes and signs to raise awareness and increase safety
  • Broadening awareness of bicycles as a safe, enjoyable and healthy alternative to cars
  • Advocating for better bicycle facilities in public facilities
  • Supporting people who want to connect with other bicyclists in Needham
  • Providing resources for those interested in learning about biking in the area

A Rail Trail in Needham

Imagine biking from Needham to Medfield, 7 miles on a shared-use path through beautiful conservation land and over the Charles River. Needham Bikes supports the effort of the Bay Colony Rail Trail to convert those inactive tracks into a rail trail, for use by bicyclists, strollers, joggers, walkers and many other non-motorized travelers.



Family Fun Rides

Needham Bikes hosts regular family fun rides in the spring and fall. Trips of 4 - 8 miles within Needham, to interesting destinations, accessible to most of the family (usually ages 6 and up).

A Bicycling Plan for Needham

Needham Bikes is implementing the bicycling plan with these goals:

  1. To reduce accident risk to cyclists;
  2. To make cycling an attractive means of transportation;
  3. To provide recreational opportunities that will improve quality of life for Needham’s residents;
  4. To promote a healthy, active lifestyle for citizens of all ages;
  5. To improve mobility for children, lessening society’s reliance on teenage driving and parents.


The Inefficiency of Automobiles

Image courtesy of The Independent

Planning Your 2015 Rides, Part 2

Two great looking rides are planned for later in the year by the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapters of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

  • On September 19th at the Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery, Westport, MA. This event features rides of 23.5 and 62 Miles through some of the most picturesque and scenic terrain in Southern New England, winding through Little Compton and Tiverton, RI and Westport, MA. Minimum Pledge Requirement: $250.
  • On Saturday October 3rd at Fatima Shrine Holliston, MA, the CF Foundation of RI/MA will hold rides of 12, 30 and 65 miles. $250 Fundraising Requirement

Planning Your 2015 Rides, Part 1

In the thick of winter, when it might be hard to even locate youir bicycle, maybe it's a good time to start planning your longer rides and events in the warmer months. Here's the first idea in a series.
Bicycles Battling Cancer: American Cancer Society is hosting a fundraising ride on June 7th in Marlborough, featuring rides of 30, 70, or 100 miles.
This event is only 5 years old, and ACS is really looking to spread awareness and recruit new riders.

Book Signing for new Publication: Boston's Cycling Craze, 1880-1900

Lorenz Finison is just now publishing a book entitled Boston's Cycling Craze, 1880-1900: A Story of Race, Sport, and Society, about how cyclists of all backgrounds made Boston - and Needham - a hub of nineteenth-century bicycling.

There will be a book signing in Needham, at the Needham Public Library next Tuesday, September 9th, at 7:30 pm. Lorenz will discuss the book, including some Needham-specific content.

Here's the background on the book:

How Bicycles Bring Business

Bike Lanes on Greendale Avenue Approved

Needham's Traffic Management Advicory Committee (TMAC) last night meeting approved adding 11 bike stencils to Greendale Avenue, effectively turning the wide breakdown lane into a bike lane.

These stenciled images added in selected locations to what is now a breakdown lane will improve safety for all: motorists will be more aware of the presence of cyclists, and the cyclists will be encouraged to stay to the right as they ride on Greendale.

TMAC Meeting Tonight To Review Bike Lanes on Greendale

The Traffic Management Advisory Committee meets tonight at 7:00 in the Charles River Room of the Public Services Administration Building, 500 Dedham Ave.

On the agenda will be the follow up discussion on adding bike markings to the breakdown lane of Greendale Avenue.

Bike to work from Needham this Friday (6/27)

Bike Friday happens on the last Friday of the month throughout the summer. There are 10 convoys heading to Boston on Friday morning, including one from Needham. The Needham convoy leaves from Town Hall at 6:15, and Cutler Lake at 6:25, en route to Newton City Hall where we meet the Newton convoy at 6:45.

The whole route is about 18 miles: 6.25 to Newton, then another 11.75 along the Charles River into Government Center. There will be free breakfast provided by Boloco, and other exhibits on the plaza outside City Hall.

The Town Wants Your Opinion!

The Survey is now closed

Adding Bike Stencils, Improving Safety

This Wednesday, June 11, Needham Bikes will be going in front of Needham's Traffic Management Advisory Committee with a proposal to add bike stencils at regular intervals in the breakdown lanes on Greendale Avenue. The lanes range from 4' to 7' in width, so are ideal for bikes.

The purpose of the stencils is twofold:

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