Welcome to Needham Bikes

Needham Bikes is an advocacy group that promotes the safe and widespread use of bicycles for transportation and recreation in Needham, Massachusetts. Our vision is to encourage Needham to become a bicycle friendly community by:

  • Creating safe and well marked bike routes through the town, establishing bicycle lanes and signs to raise awareness and increase safety
  • Broadening awareness of bicycles as a safe, enjoyable and healthy alternative to cars
  • Advocating for better bicycle facilities in public facilities
  • Supporting people who want to connect with other bicyclists in Needham
  • Providing resources for those interested in learning about biking in the area

By Joining Needham Bikes, you will show support for these initiatives and receive updates on activities like family fun rides, initiatives such as implementing and refining the bicycle plan for Needham, and projects like the Bay Colony Rail Trail.

The best way to participate in the group's activities is to join this group online - post questions, add discussions, create your own blog entry. If you would like to contact any other member, you can do that by sending them a message on their member page - click the Members tab near the top of the page, and scroll through or search the list to find the member you're looking for, click the link and leave a comment for him or her. Comments will be forwarded to their email address.

For information about Needham Bikes, its mission, philosophy or participation in local initiatives, contact Tad Staley at .